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Double Double: TWO Sets Of Twins! Baby & Child Photography

Being a photographer is fun, and getting to be a TWINS photographer is off the charts! I LOVE this family and their TWO SETS OF TWINS are the cutest, sweetest boys and I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to capture photos for them since they were newborns. Their momma even brought me Swig, which was SO sweet! I must have food on the brain…I’m not totally sure if I chose this blog entry title because it’s fitting, or because In-N-Out sounds pretty amazing right now, haha!

For the love of TWINS! Knox & Wren’s baby photos

Hi there! If you’re looking for a twin baby photographer in Southern California, I’d love to chat! This particular session is called a “Sitter session” and I absolutely LOVE working with this age! These sessions take place between 6-9 months and are the PERFECT time to show off baby rolls, baby smiles, and PERSONALITY. I got to double the fun with these twinners — handsome Knox and beautiful Wren! They were about 8 months old at their session, and such a blast to work with. Twin sessions can be tricky sometimes, but with the help of their amazing momma, their photos were a breeze.

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